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          Casing Rotator UMR350H

          • Type: Casing Rotator for Bore pile foundation engineering.
          • Diameter: 2000mm - 3500mm
          • Length:
          • Application: Make Piles,Secant Pile Wall, Barrier Clearance,Pitching of Pile

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          ■ Introduction
          As an advanced modern technology company dedicated to the R&D, manufacture and trade of casing rotators, various foundation drilling tools, attachments and spare parts, by depending on a group of engineers and shilled workers with years of experience in foundation drilling engineering and construction design. Unimate takes the lead in terms of technology and quality in China foundation engineering industry. Now for casing rotators, our mature products has the USP150H, UMR220H, UMR200L, UMR260H, UMR350H.
          ■ Main Applications
           Make Piles / Secant Pile Wall / Barrier Clearance / Pitching of Pile

          ■ Feature
          ■ Parameters
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