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          Tel:+86-731-8403  0163
          Fax:+86-731-8182 0837

          About Unimate

                 Unimate Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd. (Unimate) is a leading full package solution provide of foundation engineering.

                 As an advanced modern technology company dedicated to the R&D, manufacture and trade of casing rotators, various foundation drilling tools, attachments and spare parts, by depending on a group of engineers and shilled workers with years of experience in foundation drilling engineering and construction design. Unimate takes the lead in terms of technology and quality in China foundation engineering industry. Now for casing rotators, our mature products has the USP150H, UMR220H, UMR200L, UMR260H, UMR350H.

                 With the latest production facilities and factory, we have completed the designs of casing rotators, drilling tools,attachments and construction methods in many large-scale and complicated foundation projects, such as 2014 World Cup,2016 Olympic Games Stadium, Wuhan-Guangzhou High Speed Railway, Shanghai-Kunming High Speed Railway and Changsha Subway, which has helped us to win a good reputation among our clients with excellent products and services.

                 UNIMATE highly focuses on international cooperation and communication. Till now, our products have been exported to over 30 countries and regions such as Germany, Singapore, Greece, Russia, Turkey, the Middle East and South America,UK,Brazil,Vietnam,Myanmar,Philippines,Indonesia,Malaysia,Pakistan etc.

                 We sincerely hope UNIMATE can have the honor to have close and long-term cooperation with your company!